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CS:GO Update Released
18.08.2015 um 08:54 Uhr - FallGuy

Release Notes for 8/17/2015 17 AUG 2015

– Updated some player signatures with their latest submissions: device, dupreeh, Skadoodle, emagine, and literally, n0thing.

– Fixed top nav bar becoming unresponsive.
– Recovered Watch Highlights button. Now can be used on any player in the match.
– Added ability to specify what round to begin watching downloaded demo from.
– Fixed bug where reloading Watch Panel would not preserve categories.

– Enabled lag compensation on pose parameters.

CS:GO Update Released
24.07.2015 um 13:26 Uhr - mJes

Release Notes for 7/23/2015

– Reduced frequency of CT equipment sound.
– Fixed a case where a dead player or dead bot played footstep sounds.
– Removed minor audio artifacts and smoothed tails for FiveSeven and Glock fire sounds.
– Fixed distant sounds for Galil.
– New sand surface footstep sounds with additional variations.

– Doors and moving trains now move at correct speed on servers with tickrate above 64.
– Doors and moving trains will no longer get blocked by weapons or decoys.

[ MISC ]
– If mp_teammates_are_enemies is set when a round is won, round numbers now properly count and increment.
– Fixed a rare purchasing issue when items purchased from limited-time offers resulted in an unredeemed claim item in inventory.
– Fixed rendering of debug overlays sometimes not getting cleared when connecting to a new server.
– Fixed P2000 viewmodel hammer pop when reloading.
– Added in-game flags for Vietnam and Mongolia.
– Added Gunsmith style to workshop workbench
(for more information visit:
CS:GO Update Released
10.07.2015 um 01:02 Uhr - mJes

Release Notes for 7/9/2015

[ MISC ]
– Fixed smoke rendering exploits that were possible when running certain video capture applications.
– Fixed rare issues when equipping the same loadout item for both teams.
– Fixed an issue where the list of tournament matches would not refresh.
– Added official game servers cluster in Atlanta.

– Added new carpet footstep sounds.
– Tweaked sounds of suits when running to synchronize with footsteps.

[ MAPS ]
– Made first train event predictable, train will start 10 seconds after Ts leave their spawn tunnel
– Implemented area sound for train, can now use sound reliably throughout B site to hide grenade sounds, footsteps etc.
– Fixed a see-through texture near Bombsite A towards upper park

Dust II
– Fixed 30 exotic spots where C4 could get stuck
CS:GO Update Released
01.07.2015 um 14:27 Uhr - mJes

Release Notes for 6/30/2015

– Footsteps are quieter when spectating in-eye.
– New Overwatch kill notification sound.

– Fixed a case where clicking on an Overwatch verdict also clicked on the blog post.
– Disabled old code that allowed subtle auto aiming with controllers.
– Performance optimizations for players with large inventories.
– Fixed some exploits that allowed unauthorized code execution.
– Added the player_hurt event to GOTV demos.
– Added flavor text to the Baggage and Cobblestone Collections.
Wir suchen Dich!
19.06.2015 um 12:55 Uhr - mJes

Wir sind regelmäßig auf der Suche nach motivierten Spielerinnen und Spieler die Interesse haben, unsere Community durch administrative Tätigkeiten auf den Gameservern zu unterstützen. Hierzu solltest du natürlich gewisse Grundvoraussetzungen erfüllen.

   30.08.2015 - 15:27
   30.08.2015 - 15:25
warum kackt der css dust immer am WE ab,bitte mal neustarten
   30.08.2015 - 12:39
Wir haben gestern abend noch drauf gespielt .. komisch
   29.08.2015 - 22:55
WTF - Dust2 #1 ist seit 16 Uhr down und niemand hats bemerkt o.o
   29.08.2015 - 19:31
komm du mir erst mal nach Hause
   29.08.2015 - 01:03
komm du mir mal nach Hause vonHeinrich
   28.08.2015 - 19:02
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